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Thank you for participating in Interviews at Hotchocolateful Cafe on The following are the terms and conditions.

All responses expressed by you (the participant) will be published publicly by The participant may choose to reveal their identity publicly or withhold it directly on the interview post. is not liable for any consequences thereof or by which social media accounts may inadvertently reveal the participant’s identity through sharing to which does not have control.

All responses expressed by the participant and photos provided to are the property of the participant. By signing this release, the participant gives permission to publish their responses and photos on their behalf.

The participant may send a request to to edit their responses or remove their interview in its entirety at any time and immediately upon request. agrees to abide by the participant’s wishes in an appropriate and timely manner. It may take an unknown or unspecified time for the participant’s interview to be permanently removed through search engines and caches. This is beyond’s control and will not be held responsible. and the interview participant will not be held liable for any consequences resulting from publishing the participant’s interview or from public sharing of participant’s interview through social media by either or the public (visitors to the website/blog or social media followers).

All responses expressed by the participant are the opinions of the participant only. may not share the same views as the participant.

The responses/opinions of the interview participant (professional, non-professional, or otherwise) are not advice of any kind and should not be considered as such.

The participant may provide with at least two photos to be used explicitly for use in conjunction with their interview post only and credit will be noted and given to the participant. If no photos or only 1 are provided, will provide the remainder to the best of their ability. The participant has the right to request their removal.

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