The heart of my romantasy novel is music. It wouldn’t feel complete without a playlist! This was a huge project, but I couldn’t have enjoyed it more. Besides my dog, Clarence, music was a constant companion while writing this book.  I challenged myself to find songs that felt like the story, whether through emotion, tone, rhythm, or lyrics. I chose four songs per chapter and they are all listed in chronological order. WHEW! I hope you can hear the story without reading a word (yet). I have a great admiration for musicians. They are true storytellers. Please remember to support them if you find a song you love. Get the Spotify app to hear the full songs. If you have ¨premium¨ they can be played in order…or each song can be found on YouTube. 

the sound of my book

P.S. – If you don´t prefer this style of music, I´ve highlighted the beautiful instrumentals with the corresponding track # in lavender. Don´t miss these!

***Also, the musicians and their songs in this playlist are not affiliated with me or my writing/novel in any way, shape, or form, (obvs).



Esja Luke Faulkner, Alix Vaillot-Szwarc, Ozgur Kaya (1)

ch. 01


Burning – Mitch King

Give Me Light – Marti West

Temporary – California Gold

Dandelion – Philip LaRue

ch. 02

Back Door Run – Ocie Elliot

Wild Forever – Sean C. Kennedy

Calm – Nathan Colberg

Where You Roam – Madeline Megery

ch. 03

 Nowhere – Black Match

You and the Pines – Max McNown

 Lonely – Mar Malade

Relays – Walden

ch. 04

Woman on Fire – Bel

Carry You – Ruelle, Fleurie

You and the Sea – David Nevroy

Waves – Dean Lewis

ch. 05

Uninspired – Dery

Warm a Cold Heart – Harrison Storm

Where’s My Love – SYML

Lead Me Up the Mountain – Valley of the Moon

ch. 06

One with the Mountain – Firewoodisland

The Fire – Alta Falls

Beautiful Life – Harry Pane

Tides – Relic

ch. 07

Miles Away – Ullysses Wells

I Will Fight For You – Voyageur

Never Let Go – Tyler Brown Williams

Midnight – Curtis Walsh

ch. 08

Green River – Ea Othilde

The First Few Drops of Rain – Dave Thomas Junior

Nobody Knows – Kimberly Knighton

Starry Night Jordan Critz (33)

ch. 09

 Wildfire – Zack Hall

Breathe Again – Harrison Storm

Longing / Love George Winston (36)

Ghost – Mogli

ch. 10

Beautiful Life – The Collection

Only the Winds Olafur Arnalds (39)

When We Were Young – Hollow Coves

Lead Me Home – Wilfred

ch. 11

Colors – Philip LaRue

Swim – Joe Hicks

Nuvole Bianche Ludovico Einaudi (44)

Ethereal – Voyageur

ch. 12

Wherever the Wind Blows – Tyler Brown Williams

Morning Light – The Light the Heat

Kiss the RainYiruma (48)

Hearts on Fire – Jessie Reid

ch. 13

Moonlight – Ramses B. Miyoki

Autumn Leaves – Our Atlantic Roots

Pathways – Ezra Glatt

Blue Sky Days – Clouds and Thorns

ch. 14

Clouds Luke Faulkner (54)

Love on Your Hands – Cattle and Cane

No Words – Dotan

Shadows – CHPTRS

ch. 15

Comatose – Sod Ven

Before Barbed Wire George Winston (59)

Run Ludovico Einaudi (60)

Fly to You – Freight Train Foxes

ch. 16

Let Me Fall – Vanna

Losing Track – Jodie Nicholson

Grow – Quiet Blue

Afterglow – Portair, Wynne

ch. 17

Faux Tales Nocturne (66)

Open – Hunter Metts

Point – Vraell

Glass Hania Rani (69)

ch. 18

Fast – Dave Thomas Junior

Lost in the Woods – Enjune

Mountain – Dan Clews

The Garden – Mcclendon

ch. 19

Bluebird Alexis Ffrench (74)

Asturias – David Nevory

A Little Closer – Jessie Reid, Easymess

Closer – Tommy Ashby

ch. 20

Far Away – Walden, Audrey

Wildfire – Relic

Stay – Davis John Patton

To Dream – Inland Sky

ch. 21

Fresh Flowers – Jacksonport

Trouble – The Satellite Station

Cosmos Hazy (84)

Circles – Sandrine St-Laurent

ch. 22

Lost Myself – SYML

Faux – Novo Amor, Lowswimmer

Darkest Night Tony Anderson (88)

Renew – BANFF

ch. 23

At Home – Jon Bryant

Dark Dreams – Midnight Divide

Intricated – Kahone Concept

Departure (lullaby) Max Richter (93)

ch. 24

Forests Luke Faulkner (94)

Deep in Thought – Saguru

With You – Dotan

Moon River – Havalina Rail Co.

ch. 25

Howling – Amber & the Moon

Hawaii Oslo Hania Rani (99)

Dandelion – Oliver  Hazard

Heartbeat – SAILR

ch. 26

You Stay by the Sea – Axel Flovent

I’ll Be There For You – HARBRS

West Coast – Philip LaRue

A Time of Wonder Alexis Ffrench (105)

ch. 27

The Sea – Haevn

Howling – SYML, Lucius

Southerly Change – Mitch King

Sequoia Helen Jane Long (109)



Montana Marcus Warner, Aiden Appleton, Holley Maher