Speare Writt

As the start of 2023 was quickly heading my way, I was feeling like a change was in order. I have been working very hard writing a romantasy novel. I’ve also put pressure on myself to publish more regularly on Medium and write short stories to be published elsewhere. I needed to find ways to continue enjoying writing and that’s when I decided to start a personal publication on Medium.com called, Speare Writt. This is a corner I created where I can feel more free-spirited to publish (mainly) poetry that did not have restrictions or expectations. It’s just a place I could write wherever the spirit of writing takes me. Here is what has floated up so far, and more to come . . . whenever 🙂

Gardens Grow Into the New Year

Snow Melts Into Firelight

The Rain Catcher

Memory Albums

Moon Balloon

My Little Christmas Grandma

Weathering With Marshmallows

A Reposing Pond

Sweetly Spilling Colors

You Glow in the Dark

We Have It All

Swing Me Softly

Holding On to Calm in the Ice

Winter’s Luminance

The Forester’s Jewelry


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