Calm Down!!!

I greatly dislike the phrase, “calm down.” Therefore,  the title of this post really irks me.  Just seeing those two words together is so irritating that they’re almost as bad as, “cheer up” . . . almost. So, why do these words rub me like #24 sandpaper? Generally, if someone dares utter them to you, you’re in the midst of a whole ton of feelings. As if after hearing their magical words you’ll immediately sink into a blissful haven of peace. Or option 2 – you’ll yell, “YOU calm down %sshat!!” That’s my fave. So what can you do to cool your jets? And why is feeling calm so important? Well, that’s a stupid question. Sorry, “calm down” has really riled me up . . . excuse me.

O.K. I’m back. I took a break and I feel better now. It’s so hard to think clearly if emotions become overwhelming. I don’t even know what I was saying 9 sentences ago. During a break, I can sit and stare, do some jumping jacks, read a funny article, or drink something. A cuppa hot chocolate, perhaps? “Well, are you 8?” you might wonder. I get it. Just because I might have a palette of a small child, doesn’t mean everyone else does. I do love the idea of tea. Especially those calming ones like chamomile, lavender, and mint. But, sometimes I just don’t feel like sipping on hot roots. (Yes, I know they’re herbs and such.) And coffee. Don’t get me started. Talk about a calm blocker! Caffeine + anxiety is a thumbs down for me. Hot chocolate usually has little caffeine and it’s still hot and dark so I can pretend like I’m an adult. Just ignore the heaping mound of whipped cream. (Has anyone else devoured more whipped cream in the last year than in their whole life combined? Just me?)

Even thinking about a cup of hot chocolate evokes calming feelings. I picture adorable children running in from an icy winter’s day with cherry cheeks and snoticles asking for their beloved drink. The pure joy they get while holding their little mugs and slurping happiness brings thoughts of fluffy, drifting clouds. I can imagine sipping their giggles, glitter, and magic. For me, hot chocolate = calm. It’s simple, sweet, and warm—some of my favorite words!

What’s in your cup?

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