I Have a Really Big Umbrella

Never is it easier to appreciate inner calm and peace if you don’t have it. There are many things that can disrupt your zen—a hangry supervisor, a nearly empty container of ice cream haphazardly stuck back in the freezer, a glitch in the matrix. The list goes on. There are of course a bazillion actual problems that can boomerang you out of orbit. Since most of us (most) live on Earth where these challenges occur, it’s nearly impossible to dodge them all. I won’t mention these difficult occurrences because that would be the opposite of this blog’s purpose. Global pandemic. Sorry, that one slipped out. My job is to share all things caaaaaaaaaalm and that’s what I’m going to do (after 3 more paragraphs).

The Analogy  – c’mon you knew it was coming 🙂

When inner calm is hiding, it’s like being pushed out into a storm without an umbrella. Trudging through is an option, but it might not be pretty. Bring an umbrella and you can observe the storm all around you without getting wet. Calm is your umbrella and you can buy a really awesome one to match your outfit . . . and walk and drink a giant cup of hot chocolate at the same time!

I hope that wasn’t too cringey. Isn’t my stick figure cute?

So what happens if your umbrella blows away? When mine does, my compass seems to disappear, too. The road gets zig zaggy making it difficult to see if I’m headed in the right direction. Regardless though, time keeps ticking despite streaming mascara or dripping hair ruining a perfect hair day. In time, it might become easier to live in a storm and all the unpleasantness that goes along with it. Adaptation is a true marvel. But, it shouldn’t have to always be this way. I think seeking inner calm and peace is so important. For me, it helps with discovering true direction and inspiration. In a halcyon state of mind, my doubts are softened and my heart’s messages become louder and clearer. 

It might be unlucky to open an umbrella in the house, but I keep mine handy at all times. I’ve learned how to open it by slowing down. I slow everything down. I focus on the details of the moment, move slower, breathe slower, and give decisions more time. When I make these physical changes, I notice my mind follows suit. Clarity and creativity rise more easily to the surface. I gain more confidence in my decisions which builds a foundation for peacefulness.

There are lots of other ways to invite more serenity into the everyday. Faith, positivity, and optimism are so important. Being surrounded by uplifting imagery, humor, and lovely words can help your calm umbrella open, softening the storm. Speaking of words, what does hotchocolateful mean? . . . 



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