The Tree Howls With Fall Delight

Fall is my favorite time of year. While I love all of the seasons for their special and fun novelties, there is just something about autumn. Maybe it’s because I have great memories of pumpkins when I was a kid. It might be because it was my first experience with an “all 5 senses” season after we moved from a place where they were never defined. I got married during fall. It will always be my favorite. I hope my kids will love this time, also. 

This is a short story I wrote for the publication 100 and Under on Medium . . . a platform I am a new writer for. It’s to celebrate wonderful fall.

Update 11/8/21- This was an entry for a small writer’s competition and I just found out I won the runner-up spot! Also, my first coffee on 

Dancing the happy fall dance!! šŸ™‚

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(this link will take you to where you can read the story for free)

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