Becoming a Calmoisseur

When I have activities galore, it’s easy to get lost in the trajectory of the day. It can feel like a whirlwind of have-tos and not many want-tos. A tidy house, dishes, laundry, yard, bills, correspondence, etc., is a good thing! But if other circumstances have got me down, then mundane tasks can feel like a thief of the precious moments that might otherwise bring me joy. Finding a balance is key and that is why I’ve learned to become a calmoisseur (like a connoisseur of calm . . .you get it . . .just making sure . . . my ideas are sometimes wacky . . . that’s ok though . . . this is fine . . . lol). Becoming an expert on what brings me calm and then seeking those things out throughout the day makes for more enjoyable, productive, and memorable days.

I plan to elaborate on each idea individually in separate posts . . . and this list might grow! But here are some simple things I’m practicing to be a calmoisseur (or in my case, a KALMoisseur).

  • Play soft music loud or loud music soft or loud music loud or soft music soft~

  • Create a desirable space~

  • Plan for breaks~

  • Face challenges in the eye~

  • Embrace rewards~

  • Recognize uncalmly situations~

  • Accept my limitations~

  • Hold tight to positive thoughts, let the negative ones go~

  • Keep things in perspective~

  • Be the biggest advocate for my dreams~

  • Make time to grow talents~

  • Take care of my mind, body, and soul~

Do any of these resonate with you, too? Check back (over time) to read a full post about each one!

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  1. Mosey Lou says:

    Time does not calm me. It goes by too fast. When I think of it, it scares the begebies out of me! Slow down! I like the other KALMing ideas! You gave me a lot to think about. Thank you!

    1. The good stuff can go by way too fast, like the birthday cake from last week. Gone! But, we sure did enjoy it 🙂 My solution is to eat more cake. Way more!

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