Mix the Prickly With the Fun

Things can get a little messy around here. A busy family has lots of moving parts; nuts and bolts, spinning gears, racing schedules, and boxes. Lots and lots of boxes. Maybe that’s just us, but if I had it to do over again, I would forget about all the stuff and just gift the boxes. The kids’ wacky box inventions are so much more fun and engaging than the toys have ever been. However, tons of box pieces and constant crafting materials don’t do the house any favors. I won’t put the blame entirely on the kids. Sometimes my projects can become scattered like an autumn breeze . . .  or hurricane.

There comes a time when we have to refocus and give the ole house a good wash. “But I have jetpacks to configure and secret headquarters to construct and guinea pig houses to make and posts to write and pictures to take and Onewheels to ride,” is what you would hear as we all whine about it. My daughter is always particularly gruffled with the idea. These are the times, though, when she shines with her creative solutions. 

“How about I pick up the house with my roller skates on?” she asked with the sweet hope of a child. While we are a family of roller skaters/bladers, skating in the house has never really been a thing. Quickly assessing the battle in front of me, I somewhat reluctantly agreed. And also praised her solution. You’ve got to admit, it’s a little bit genius. Besides, what harm is there? Once everything is finally picked up, I’d be mopping anyway.

So she commenced to strapping on her skates and began flying around the house like a hummingbird in the wind (with her helmet tightly secured of course). Fun should still be safe. Wear your helmet people!  In record time, her things and even all of her brother’s things were picked up. Where it all went is another story, lol. But the point is, she had an awesome time! What could have been drudgery was now an exciting activity. Mixing in some fun with prickly tasks can really turn that frown upside down resulting in a much more calm atmosphere. No battles AND the house got picked up. I think we might be on to something here. Really though, why not add fun when you’re able to? Take it from a kid, curmudgeony adults. Why drink hot water when you can have hot chocolate? 

That got me thinking. What other mundane tasks can we make so much better with a little creative thinking? Here are a few by yours truly: (warning, see footnote*)

~ Finding ideas for dinner every night can really suck . . . just ask my husband, haha. Challenge yourself to make something you’ve never made before, but you only have 30 minutes to do it. What delicious or terrible thing will you be eating tonight?

~ Clean your shower with your bathing suit on and be transported to a luxury tropical paradise.

~ Just don’t make your bed . . . ever again.

~ Wash your clothes with a brand new detergent that has an even more super fresh scent.

~ Play red light green light on your way to the mailbox.

~ Clean out the rain gutters with a fun claw grabber.

~ Pay bills with a jumbo pencil.

~ Eat your boring sandwich from the inside out.


*Footnote – I’m so sorry. Those ideas were absolutely awful because I’m a curmudgeon adult, so don’t try any of them! But had I asked my daughter for help, she’d come up with 5 actual useful ideas in 5 minutes or less. I’ll get back to you.


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