Mosey Lou Interview

Welcome to the Hotchocolateful Cafe! This is a cozy place to hear about different experiences, perspectives, and ideas on how to become a calmoisseur. Pull up a velvety chair by the window overlooking the town’s square. Let me pour you a cup of our house hot chocolate. Steamed milk, whipped cream, or marshmallows? Today we are chatting with Mosey Lou. She is someone who knows a thing or two about rising to challenges and facing them with a calm spirit. Her strength and grace continue to astound me. She is my mom.

1. What is your name and self-titled occupation(s)?

My name is Mosey Lou. I am a mixed media artist and musician, besides being retired.

2. Name 5 of your favorite things about the world today:

~The meaning of freedom
~Artificial grass so my husband doesn’t have to mow it every weekend
~The new generations learning new sustainable ways to take care of Earth
~The ocean
~My children and grandkids, in no particular order, oh and my puppy

3. Why is it important to find calm in your own personal life?

As you become older, sometimes you feel the weight of the world on your shoulders. You need an outlet to not think of your problems. Sometimes, other people’s problems become yours and you become their sounding board so that weight becomes heavier. You need to think positively even if you have to try hard. Also, if you think positively, the people around you do too. It’s a good way to help fill your life with more joy.  If you can find calm in your life, you as an individual does not have to take as many deep breaths and happiness is bestowed upon you.

4. What are some ways you’ve found that help you feel more peaceful?

Just thinking about painting gives me peace. But really, it may just help shut everything out for a while. I also love music. I practice the harp. That also brings me peace. You have to only concentrate on the music in front of you and nothing else. When I think about my two grown-up kids and my two grandchildren, I feel very happy and uplifted.

5. Do you have a particularly serene place you like to visit?

Any place there is running water, like a stream and of course the ocean. But, only if I’m alone or with someone I love.

6. Do you have a favorite book, movie, show, song, food, drink, or object, that brings you joy, comfort, or relaxation?

There might be too many to mention because I’m a very positive person. There are so many things that bring me joy. My favorite one though is my puppy, Maggie May. She is a bundle of happiness and always brightens my day.

7. What is your favorite time of the year and why?

I love the fall with the trees turning different colors. And there is a certain kind of aroma in the air that makes you feel peaceful. I love looking forward to the holidays and getting ready for them. 

8. Name a single calming word that you like the most and use it in a sentence.

Cuddling ~ I love cuddling with my husband, puppy, and soft, warm pillows . . . or maybe laying in the sun cuddling with a margarita.

9. Describe a time you felt like you were floating on a cloud.

When I was a child, I would climb on top of our playhouse on the west side. I would lay down and watch the clouds move until I was moving with them. I would feel safe when no one knew where I was.

10. Share 3 thoughts or ideas with someone who might be searching for more inner calm:

~Accept kind effort from friends who try to uplift you.
~Staying positive helps others stay positive.
~Try painting!

**Feature image and all paintings shown are by the artist Mosey Lou**


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  1. Kelly Marshmelly says:

    Your paintings are really beautiful! I love the ships crashing through the storm. I didn’t even notice it was black and white at first. You can just see the color. I’m so glad you found painting again and a renewed passion. Can’t wait to see what’s next! 🎨

    1. Maureen Davidson says:

      My dear Kelly Marshmelly, Thank you for your kind words about my abstract paintings. I can read your writing over and over. You express yourself like no other. I love your stories, poems, books and everything that you put pen to paper. You never give up. I think this is the best way you can express who you are. Your beautiful spirit and soul shines through and through.
      Love, your Mom (Moseylou)

      1. Awwww, thanks mom for all of your support. You’re my biggest fan! . . . and I am yours.❤️

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