Calm Balm

Here is a list of soothing, calm words with descriptive sentences to read if you’ve found yourself stuck out in a storm. Take a healing breath and open your calm umbrella. There is light, warmth, and hope right around the corner. 

1. Calm The light of a new day filters through the morning curtains cradling my calm mind.

2. Serene Refreshing water smooths the river stones and cools the serene air.

3. Still – I said, “Stop” and the spinning, loud world became still and steady.

4. Restful My heart settled into a deep, restful cocoon warmly tucked in.

5. Safe In this moment, I’m safe and protected beneath God’s love.

6. Peaceful The clouds drift through a blue, peaceful sky.

7. Home I’ve created this comfortable space and I call it my home.

8. Quiet I recognize quiet as an opportunity to hear the wisdom of my heart.

9. Joyful When someone laughs with happiness, their joyful sound becomes my joyful song. (Unless they laugh like a hyena.)

10. Laughter Laughter decorates my spirit.

11. Blessings I will wrap myself up in my blessings like a warm quilt.

12. Content Bunnies are snug and content in their little burrows.

13. Blissful Sipping hot chocolate on a relaxing evening is blissful.

14. Floating Watching the floating and gliding birds over the canyon is uplifting.

15. Gentle I listened to the reader speak in comforting, gentle tones.

16. Warmth The warmth of your hand in mine helped lead the way.

17. Love Offering love to another is offering love to yourself.

18. Happiness The rain showered the trees in happiness.

19. Sweet The reward is sweet and I deserve every wonderful bit of it.

20. Music I can drift to sleep surrounded by feel-good music.

21. Glow The sunrise lit up the new day with a hopeful glow.

22. Breeze I heard a whisper in the breeze that said, “you can do this.”

23. Cherish I will cherish all my happy memories tucking them into my heart.

24. Moonlight The moonlight dances through the window into my bathwater.

25. Sunshine A meadow of daisies soaks up the rich sunshine.

26. Understanding Earth and the Moon have a beautiful understanding.

27. Soft I sunk into fluffy layers of divine, soft blankets inside the hammock.

28. Tree Shade is a tree‘s footprint that leaves no trace.

29. Compassion Compassion is the fruit on the vine and the love in your heart. 

30. Purpose My purpose is as clear as a bell on a sparkling morning. 

31. Mindfulness   I’m aware in my mindfulness of the calming energy around me.

32. Comfortable Sitting in a rocking chair on the porch with a book is comfortable.

33. Freedom There is freedom in watching all my worries float away.

34. Haven The secret haven in the forest is filled with ferns and flowers.

35. Slowly The soup on the stove simmered slowly and richly scented the air.

36. Be Today, I will just be and that is enough.

37. Mellow The music created a mellow day of inspiration.

38. Breathe I can breathe in the peacefulness of the night.

39. Faith My faith is a golden bubble of protection and care around me.

40. Hope Hope waters my being so that my dreams may grow.

41. Possibilities If one direction is closed, possibilities will be found in the other.

42. Dream A dream is a reflection of the heart that is refracted to the universe.

43. Stars Looking up at the stars is like being tucked into bed by grandma.

44. Beautiful If you don’t think you’re beautiful, you’re wrong.

45. Shelter The outside noise cannot break the safety of my shelter.

46. Strength Sometimes even strength needs a nap.

47. Cheerful Being cheerful is wearing a gift from a rainbow.

48. Soothing Listening to the rain tapping on the tent is soothing.

49. Sacred The sacred canyon fills with awe and respect from onlookers every day.

50. Belonging Knowing you’re meant to be in this moment is a wonderful sense of belonging.

51. Renewal The renewal of each day is a fresh start to try again.

52. Sleep I will close my eyes and sleep allowing my mind to snuggle in nourishing rest.



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