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Welcome to the Hotchocolateful Cafe! This is a cozy place to hear about different experiences, perspectives, and ideas on how to become a calmoisseur. Pull up a corduroy chair by the window overlooking the town’s square. Let me pour you a cup of our house hot chocolate. Steamed milk, whipped cream, or marshmallows? Today we are chatting with the maker of kellymartone.com. 

1. What is your name and self-titled occupation(s)?

My name is Kelly Marshmelly. I am a wife, mama – children and fur baby, distance learning helper (and update 8/21: homeschool mom), creative writer, researcher, neurodivergent advocate, embroiderer, designer, music enthusiast, and calmoisseur.

2. Name 5 of your favorite things about the world today:

~How the good always rises to the surface
~Gourmet cupcakes
~The renewed excitement for looking up into the beyond
~The growing embrace of inclusivity
~The protection of old-growth redwood forests

3. Why is it important to find calm in your own personal life?

I want my children to grow up in a safe, fair, compassionate, and inclusive world. I think this can only be achieved on a greater scale if it happens individually. That starts with finding contentment and peace within. Also, I’m a bit of a mushy tenderheart and it can feel big and scary out there sometimes. Finding ways to accept things that are beyond my control helps create a more calming environment that benefits everyone.

4. What are some ways you’ve found that help you feel more peaceful?

Feeling grateful and giving thanks throughout the day helps put circumstances in perspective. Helping others, even in small ways, creates purpose and peace.

I’m a big music fan. We have music on all day (except when the kids are live online for school). I’ve found a particular niche of music that is such a happy spot. It feels so nostalgic, hopeful, and uplifting that I can’t help but feel relaxed and carefree when I listen to it. The calm it inspires helps immensely with creativity when I’m working on my numerous projects. I have so many favorites. Right now,  a song called Believe by Mitch King is playing and I think it might sum it all up. Another one I love and find so inspirational is called Colors of the Rainbow by Shaymani.

I also work on things that make me happy. Since I’ve suddenly found myself as a distance learning helper this past year, there hasn’t been much time for anything else. But, I enjoy thinking about ideas throughout the day and then work on them in the evening and into the night. I’m a night owl so I look forward to this time, although lack of sleep is never a good thing!

I’ve found that learning a new skill does wonders for soothing a restless mind.  I’ve learned how to embroider and was working on turning that into an Etsy shop (before the pandemic), I learned about the process of creating a website, and even made some of my own fonts! The more tedious the project the better. This really helps with zeroing in on the task at hand and everything else can just melt away for a while.

5. Do you have a particularly serene place you like to visit?

I have a few peaceful spots that I love. Down the street is a little place known as the Grand Canyon. Sitting on the rim really puts into perspective how vast the world is and how brief our time is here. Also, living near the coastal redwoods and walking beneath those ancient trees is unlike a calm I can recreate anywhere else.  The cool, rich air there feels medicinal to the soul. Another place that I’ve had a lifelong attachment to is the seaside. The sound of the waves and fresh, salty breeze can be absolutely hypnotic if you let it. 

6. Do you have a favorite book, movie, show, song, food, drink, or object, that brings you joy, comfort, or relaxation?

If I really need to take my mind off things, I’ve found that humor is the best remedy. There is a certain show from the ’90s “about nothing” that really helps. For some reason, I also find the holiday and seasonal baking competition shows comforting. A guilty pleasure book I occasionally turn to is Twilight. I like indie folk, instrumental, and enigmatic music for a soothing ambiance. Drinking hot chocolate from my cloud cup is very nice. And did I mention I have emergency chocolate? It’s tucked way up in the cupboard for those not-so-fun moments, although the kids are on to me. Lastly, during a previous Cyber Monday, we bought a mattress topper and this thing is 6″ of delicious marshmallow puff. When all else fails, a nap is just right.

7. What is your favorite time of the year and why?

The end of this school year might be right up therebut actually, as challenging as it’s been, I think one day I’ll miss this unique and “extra” time I’ve been given learning together in these fleeting years. Overall though, I think my favorite time is Autumn. There is something in the air that feels so tangible to me. I love the movement of falling leaves, pumpkin patches, apple orchards, and the idea of people dressing up and pretending to be absolutely anything they want and everyone applauds them for it!! And it’s when my husband and I got married, so it feels romantical to me, too. There’s also the anticipation of the holidays to come which brings excitement.

8. Name a single calming word that you like the most and use it in a sentence.

Cozy ~ I can sip hot chocolate in this cozy space and let everything just be.

9. Describe a time you felt like you were floating on a cloud.

On our honeymoon, my husband and I took a sea taxi to another tiny island in the Caribbean. We tried the local beer and seafood lasagna at their tiny cafe. Sitting at a table by the ocean, I think we both knew that that was it . . . THE moment brought to life.

10. Share 3 thoughts or ideas with someone who might be searching for more inner calm:

~Find what you love and go with that!
~Learning something new restores confidence, which restores contentment.
~Don’t wait to wear yellow shoes, it’s sunny right now.

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  1. Kathleen Schinhofen says:

    “Down the street is a little place known as the Grand Canyon”
    Kelly, you are so funny! I LOVE your blog. Everyone needs it!
    It’s so creative and fun! I will read often.
    Your loving aunt and fan,

    1. Thank you so much, Aunt Kathy! I’m so happy you enjoyed it and it gave you a chuckle -always my goal! I have a lot of fun working on it and it brings me happiness to share! 🫖

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