How To Juggle Scarves—A Break from Juggling Your Day

There are times when it’s necessary to turn off the engine and just coast. I find it refreshing to take my mind off everyday tasks by trying something new. Focusing on something that is weightless really helps me feel nice and cozy under my calm umbrella. Speaking of weightlessness, juggling with scarves is quite a calming activity! My cousin taught me how to juggle when I was very young. I still get a kick out of showing off my hidden talent (yes, that’s what I’m calling it) to unsuspecting friends. I have another very secret talent that borders on the ridiculously embarrassing, but I’ll save that gem for another post.

For now, let’s juggle!

Here is a detailed guide on how to juggle 3 scarves to help bring some calm to a busy day.

Floaty objects are good to start with because they give you more time and more time=more calm.  Juggling non-floaty objects is similar, though, but with a few adjustments and probably more chasing and bending when you first start out.

1.  Find 3 lightweight, floaty objects. Scarves, plastic bags, or even damp paper towels will work.

2.  Seek out an open, easy-breezy space (minus the breezy because your objects will blow away!)

3.  Choose one of your scarves or other creative juggling items and practice simply tossing it up and down. Pretend you’re holding a paintbrush overhand style and painting a wall with an upward stroke. You want the scarf to gracefully flow up an imaginary wall and back down without having to chase it. Throw it high enough so the whole scarf clears the top of your head. This will give it more free fall float time. Catch it quick with an overhand snap out of the air with your opposite hand. If you first tossed it with your right, catch it with your left. Then try starting with your left hand and catch with your right. Keep practicing until you can get your tosses consistent.

4.  When you’ve got that down, choose the 2nd scarf. It’s getting exciting now! Hold a scarf in each hand. Start with your strongest hand and give it a good toss up. Now get ready. Just as the 1st scarf is at its apogee (or highest peak, sorry I’ve been watching lots of space shuttle launches) toss the 2nd scarf up your imaginary wall exchanging the same airborne position as the 1st scarf. But don’t forget to snap the falling 1st scarf out of the air and then quickly catch the 2nd. The scarves should now be in opposite hands from which they started. Essentially, you are transferring the right-hand scarf to your left hand, and the left-hand scarf to your right hand with a small flight in between.

5.  Practice, practice, practice, thinking only about catching the floating scarves.

6.  After you get the hang of two scarves, here comes the moment when you transform from a tosser to a real live juggler—enter peacefully awaiting scarf #3. It’s been such a nice, patient scarf! Start by holding two scarves in your right hand and one in your left. Try step 4 again, tossing up only scarf 1 from the right hand, then scarf 2 in the left hand. Get the feel of holding all three scarves and start noticing the enter spot for scarf 3. As scarf 1 hits its apogee and you toss up scarf 2 that’s the time to toss up scarf 3—right after you catch scarf 1 and before you catch scarf 2 in your right hand. It seems like a tiny window and you have to be quick! Try throwing the scarves higher to give you more time. There should only be one scarf in the air, one in your right hand, and one in your left at all times and around and around you go!

It takes some practice to get the rhythm down. Once you get it, it can be a nice stress reliever to help take your mind off things and provides a little arm exercise, too. Just like riding a bike, I’ve never forgotten how to juggle. 

I hope you enjoy your new talent!


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