November and December Poems

Here are several poems I’ve written throughout the last couple of months in different publications on Most of them are written in a poetry form I call Centifolia. There is also a double Centifolia, a free verse, and a Twittle. If you click on each link, it’ll take you to where you can read them for free.  Thank you for reading! I hope they bring you moments of calm contemplation.

Growing Thankful Seeds

Forge Ahead with Grace


Sweet Slumber

Watching Over Me

Kisses of Rainbow

The Reflection Book


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  1. Kelly’s writing inspires me to do something mindful every day. When I wake up in the early morning, I thank my Father, Jesus Christ for a new day to appreciate what He has generously given. Now I can play my Celtic Harp and painting or sketching my simple feelings on a canvas.

    1. I’m so glad you enjoy it and it inspires you to do something you love each day. Your music and art are beautiful!

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